Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so cute you could just squeeze him. hard.

recently, as shannon was going through the insane routine that is dressing the kids for church, getting herself ready and then loading them into the van, she realized that she couldn't find her keys. this just added to the insanity. as the kids, in their sunday best, are now wandering into the garage, playing with fly swatters and car tires (okay, that's an exaggeration, but that's what i do best!), shannon is turning all her purses inside out and trying to think where in the world she could have left her keys. at one point jack came back in the house, probably to say something like, "i'm hungry again," (which he almost exclusively says 10-15 minutes after eating a meal), or "cade ate sumpin'," (which almost exclusively refers to something either poisonous, alive, or large enough to choke a python). shannon told him to hold on because they were headed for church but she couldn't find her keys so maybe he could just stay out of trouble and make sure cade doesn't try and eat the dishwasher tabs. and in his infuriatingly cute way he said to her, "maybe you should look under the couch."

she did, and there were her keys. clearly, the little monkey had put them there, as there was also a collection of children's books, dinosaurs, and broken mcdonald's toys under there. he's so cute you could just squeeze him. hard.

in other news, i'm golfing today for the first time all year, so please pray for me that i don't hurt anyone (including myself) and that the people i'm golfing with still kind of like me by the end of the day. thanks. i'll let you know how it goes.


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