Sunday, August 10, 2008

living my life

"may you live all the days of your life."

- jonathan swift

there are moments, you know? nothing extravagant or monumental. they seem to be, at least for me, the moments that you almost miss. i could be watching an old steelers game right now. or the olympics. or taking a nap. and all of those things would be fine moments. but they wouldn't be this moment.

this moment is sitting in my sunroom with the steady sound of rain above me. this moment is the lights left low with a candle flame dancing to the quiet love of over the rhine. this moment is a fresh pot of decaf and a couple of dove dark chocolates. this moment is watching all the mirror-green leaves tickled by the rain, creating a kind of kaliedescope of shiny green life. this moment is bare feet on the cold tile floor. this moment is nothing special, really. it is only a tiny fleeting moment in the course of my life. but it is the moments like this that i need to be present to - alive in - if i really want to live all the days of my life. it is moments like this that i want to tuck into the pages of my life, so that, someday when i'm flipping back through, they will fall out and i will pick them up and look at them with wonder, with recognition, and with a marrow-deep kind of contentment. it is moments like this that remind me that i am (and this is truly wild beyond my understanding) alive. i am alive! i want to live! lord, help me live...
grace and peace,

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Eric said...

Greg, I just wanted to say that this is an awesome post, and that moments like that are a lot of my favorites. Sometimes they´re hard to remember with all the other crazy stuff we have going on, but I love reading your writing and descriptions of taking a step back, even for one moment, to hear the rain, taste the coffee and chocolate, see the kaleidoscope (been in Honduras too long to remember how to spell that word!) of green, and soak in life.

Thanks for your reflections!

(oh, and today I sent you an email, sorry it took forever!)