Sunday, August 24, 2008

cooking up some freedom

recently i was online and jack was looking over my shoulder. an advertisement in the banner of whatever site i was on had a picture of the statue of liberty on it. jack excitedly said, "look! the chef statue!"

i thought maybe he was confused, but last night as he was putting together a puzzle of the united states, and there was a picture of lady liberty on it, he said, "and here's the chef statue. we live close to the chef."


cathyq said...

hmm. Maybe you need to spend more time teaching about hats. Especially you. You used to have an entire box of different hats to wear according to your mood, although a chef's hat is not something that I have seen you wearing often. Ha.

Crafty P said...

ha ha!

again, you got me.

I thought you were going to digress about my favorite topic. food.

I just discovered miller chill.

i like it. very summery.

thought of you while drinking target milk the other day.

pete s said...

When I was a little boy, I thought that the Statue of Liberty was married to the Jolly Green Giant.

I have no idea.