Thursday, July 10, 2008

two favorite teams

so who do you root for when your two favorite teams are playing one another? i am currently watching the yankees play the pirates at pnc park in pittsburgh. i find myself rooting for both of them at the same time. unfortunately, they can't both win...

we'll see what happens.

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Emoly said...

It doesn't happen in baseball, I like the Cubs way too much. (have I told you that my guilty pleasure since Bill is out of town is watching baseball??? hehe)

However, in football it happens a lot more often. Usually (and this is probably more a "girl" answer then a "guy" answer) I pick either who I've liked the longest or who is closer in proximity to where I live. Example: the Packers or the Colts? That one really is a toss up. I'm not sad either way (unless it's playoffs)... and I really cheer for both teams. :) But since it doesn't happen too often I don't have to choose.

Okay, I guess I have my favorites, and I really don't have to choose because I always like one team over another.... so much for an interesting comment.... haha