Wednesday, July 30, 2008

training camp

we have entered that glorious time of the year, the time when the baseball season is over halfway over, and the division races are starting to heat up. and just as baseball begins to become very serious, another ingredient is thrown into the sports lover's cauldron: football.

that's right, training camp began this week, which means the steelers are in latrobe again at st. vincents, beginning a journey that they hope ends with a super bowl ring. but it hasn't been a good start. polamalu out with an injury; hampton too fat and out of shape to practice with his team; sepulveda out for the year with an acl. yikes. still, though, there is something about training camp that can really get me excited. the last few years i have had the opportunity to go and watch a practice there, but this year i (sadly) won't be making that pilgrimage. so i'm following it through the pittsburgh newspapers online (post gazette and tribune review), and dreaming about it when i close my eyes (sports analyst: there's number 15, the walk-on wide receiver from new jersey, milinovich. no one expected him to have a chance but he continues to make the most of his opportunities, hauling in some beautiful catches so far during camp. he's putting pressure not only on the young guys, holmes and sweed, but even on hines, to be at the top of his game right now in camp. his diving catch in this morning's practice sent a message that he might not have the pedigree of some of these other guys, but he is working his tail off and might compete for one of the reciever slots. keep your eye on him this camp...). yesterday i was feeling quite sick (i'm starting to feel better today, thank you), and i slept most of the day, but i slept to the soundtrack of steelers games. so occasionally i would wake up enough to hear bill hillgrove or or tunch ilkin excitedly talking about the steelers. that is good medicine, let me tell you.

and so, sports fans, welcome to the most beautiful time of the year. the overlap of football and baseball seasons. from now until october, there is no shortage of sports to think/talk about. enjoy it. because, come february, you will miss it desperately.


mary said...

oh man, i hope you didn't have a touch of what we all had. i havent been as sick as i was this past weekend as when we all got sick when Jackson was born. oi! rest up dear brother

Erin said...

i can't tell you how excited i am to read football news again. being as i don't follow baseball at all, the paper offers me nothing from february to august...

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg!

Too bad you can't make it to training camp this year. My boyfriend happens to work there and can get anyone on the field. Maybe next year?