Thursday, July 17, 2008

throwback thursday: ridiculous jacket

here is a polaroid picture of me in high school. now, i don't share this with pride and joy. on the contrary, i share this only as an act of humility and because i want my readers to feel better about themselves (well, at least my awkward stage was never that bad).
it is a complete breakdown in all that is good and right in the world, from the jacket on through the intricately patterned paisley shirt, the giant specs, and, let's not forget to mention the mc hammer posture that says, "hey, i may not be cool, but i can stand like i am."
i hope you feel better about yourselves today. i really do.


Crafty P said...

c'mon, we all know you pull that jacket out as the first signs of fall appear and the leaves start to change colors. that's your date night jacket isn't it? it totally speaks "i'm cool".

Glenn said...

If I didn't know it was you, Greg, I would have thought it wasn't you.

Glenn Scheyhing

Pete S said...

Man. I totally remember that jacket. Not so much the shirt, but the

I have to say, Throwback Thursdays are my favorites.

monica said...

i am with pete. i think we need tshirts that say "throwback thurdays- i was there" just please please dont post any pictures of me. i would like to see pictures (or even better, video) of the J and G rap you and Joe did or the submarine skit you and the guys did. those were great.