Thursday, July 31, 2008

throwback thursday: football card

oh yeah. here i am. football player extroadinaire. and no, my name was not "trader." supposedly, the random word at the bottom on the card indicates that these classic little numbers can be traded for others. so instead of trading a mantle for a clemente, you can trade a ridiculous picture of yourself for an equally ridiculous picture of one of your teammates. awesome.
i played for the green demons. i played a variety of positions, including running back and linebacker. i mean, you can tell that i was a born linebacker in this picture. look at those thick arms. and notice how the football is 2 and 1/2 times the size of my cranium.
i think i was like 11 in this picture. and in the prime of my football career. sigh.


mary said...

you're so retro and cute :)

gavin richardson said...

no one is accusing you of being on hgh back then were they.

Emoly said...

Wow, compare this picture to Jack when he's eleven. I almost thought you had photo-shopped him in. He looks so much like you. (that's a good thing, unless Shannon disagrees)

JJ said...

I thought the same thing! "Wow! Jack looks exactly like Greg did when he was a little boy!" Same expression and everything.