Friday, July 04, 2008

last sunday

this past sunday (the 29th of june) my church held an outdoor worship service right behind our church, which is a beautiful riverside space. full of flowers and trees, with the backdrop of the slow-moving river, it is a beautiful setting, and we worshipped well. here you see me playing the djembe (i got to play it on a few songs, including an acapella version of "down in the river to pray").
we also did something different for the sermon portion. rather than have just one of us preach, the senior pastor (galen) and i had a "conversation" about the call of samuel and our own calls to ministry. this was a bit out of my comfort zone as a public speaker, but it went pretty well, i think, and we got a good deal of positive feedback about it.

at the end of the service it began to rain, so the picnic that was to follow was moved indoors. the picnic was an event that was to celebrate my ordination, and so it was fun to eat some of my favorite picnic foods (they designed the menu specifically for me!), and just celebrate this accomplishment with the people of my church. it was a joyful day.
i continue to be grateful for the great cloud of witnesses in my journey. there are so many individuals who have enriched this process for me. thank you to all of you.
grace and peace,
ps. happy fourth of july


Mary said...

that sounds so nice! the back of your church really is beautiful :) i wish i could have been there for ya.

what kind of food was there? yummm.

jasonsmommy said...

That's awesome Greg!! Our praise team did an acapella version of Down to the River to Pray as well that day. It was during our beach service, and the song was shortly before we baptized a baby and one of the adults in the praise team!! God is good :)

Crafty P said...

very cool.

happy 4th.