Saturday, July 12, 2008

daddy/son collage day

jack said something the other day about making a collage, so i promised him that on my day off i would let him make a collage with me. "in your collage room?" he eagerly asked. so i told him we'd wait till cade was napping and then we could make a collage in my collage room (my collage room is a little room in our basement that is full - absolutely full - of papers and cigar boxes and random found objects and strange items that i've collected. i never really let the kids in there because it is too tempting. and its full of rusty sharp objects that i've picked up from the sides of many roads).

anyway, thursday was the day. so i gave him an enormous bin of paper and told him to pick out what he liked. then rip it up and cut it up (safety scissors, people) and glue it to the art board. he seriously did this for over an hour. he seemed to really enjoy it. i gave him a great deal of verbal instruction (please don't eat the glue, rip the pieces smaller, please don't put the glue in your hair, try covering the bare spots, please don't put the glue in my hair, etc.), but he pretty much made the collage himself, with just a little help from me. while he was working i played too. i didn't make anything outstanding, but just enjoyed the (rare) opportunity to play with paper and glue. here's what we came up with:

paper collage on art board
jackson a. milinovich

paper collage
gregory a. milinovich

paper and found object collage on hardcover book panel
gregory a. milinovich


Crafty P said...

cool. kids and art. love it.

jackson's is my favorite! Makes me wonder about putting too much thought into pieces of art.

Mary said...

that looks like so much fun :) and what a great keepsake. i wouldn't be selling that one if i were you. is there going to be a collage named after your other sister? (that would be me...)

greg. said...

christina: um...thanks?

mary: it isn't really named after julie, per se, it just happens to have the name julie in it. and it is pink. so it worked. we'll see what happens when it comes to other sibling themed art.

julia said...

yay for pink!! :) i must say, it is one of my favorite collages.