Thursday, June 12, 2008

throwback thursday: license

yes, this was my actual driver's license. i got it in 1994. yes, those are my real glasses. yes, that is my real hair. yes, i was a dork.

this complimentary lol was brought to you by the following sponsors:


bozo's clown school

keystone license design: we design the ugliest possible driver's licenses!

the high forehead club

triangle hats, inc: for those whose hair is shaped like a triangle


Crafty P said...


That is funny.

Ironically, I just happened upon my Jr Driver's license the other day and thought about posting it!

Anonymous said...

i have seen this beautiful piece of art(?) before, and yes it is just as funny in person! greg, i think you should try this style can pull it off. hahaha

later dude,
erik l. =P