Tuesday, June 24, 2008



mixed media collage on book board

gregory a. milinovich

here is a collage i made a couple of weeks ago. for whatever reason, this one has really captured my imagination, and i am really into it, more than i usually am for my own collages. anyway, i thought i would share it with you today.

things are great here on vacay. i just rode here on my bike along the atlantic coast. now i'm drinking some kind of coconut coffee listening to patty griffin. it doesn't get much better, really...


DogBlogger said...

Cool collage. Reminds me of Klimt.

Amanda W. said...

I really love this collage Greg. A lot. If you decide to sell it, ask me first, because I might buy it from you. For serious.

greg. said...

wow, dogblogger, i am honored that it reminds you of klimt. i always feel most inspired by schwitters, but i love klimt's work, too.

amanda, i am glad you like it, too. as i wrote in my post, this is one collage that i made and then actually looked at it and said, "i really like this!" i don't do that very often. if and when i'm ready to part with it, you have first dibs.