Thursday, June 19, 2008

priceless: yankee game

parking: $15.00

PATH train ride for two across hudson river and back: $7.00

subway ride for two from 34th street to yankee stadium and back: $8.00

two hot dogs outside the gates: $4.00

incredibly large sprite and cracker jacks inside the gates: $11.75

bag of peanuts: $5.00

babysitter: $65

sitting at yankee stadium through an hour and a twenty minute rain delay before the game even begins: priceless.

that being said, we had a great time at the stadium last night. we had a smooth trip into the city, got to the park just as the game should have begun, waited out the rain delay (we had wisely packed an umbrella), and then settled in as the game began. one of my favorite things about the bleacher section of yankee stadium is the roll call that the bleacher creatures lead in the top of the first inning, chanting the name of each position player on the yanks until they individually acknowledge the chants. it was fun to be a part of that last night, especially seeing johnny damon's enthusiastic bow and point to us. unfortunately, because of the long rain delay and the fact that it takes about an hour and a half to get home, we had to leave the game quite early in order to get home at midnight. so, it was disappointing that we didn't even get to see half the game, but we did get to see a-rod hit his fourth home run in as many games. and in the end, as we were driving home across new jersey, we got to hear john sterling proclaim, the yankees win! theeeeeee-yankees-win!!!



Emoly said...

was Shannon's bleacher experience as thrilling as yours? Has her last one been "washed" away with the new one? hahaha

It sounds like you had a great time, even if you did have to leave early to get back home!

Did you take binoculars with you?

shannon_milinovich said...

experiencing greg navigate the subway system like we are on the amazing race: priceless

hearing greg scream for the Yankees and sound exactly like an air horn: priceless

watching greg eating peanuts like Ace Ventura: priceless (and getting peanut shells all over the black sweater of the guy sitting infront of us -- hey it's okay, he was a Padre fan).

it was a fun date - let's do it again - afternoon game?

Megan said...

Woa. Is that THE Shannon Milinovich who just commented and not some imposter? Wow - history in the making! :)

Also - you guys pay your babysitter's well - are the kids knocking down your doors for a chance to watch them?

greg. said...

$65 for 8 hours isn't all that great - its like 8 bucks an hour. believe me, around here, that's nothing.

greg. said...

no binoculars, em. we had a good view. i used the zoom lens on the camera a couple of times to see a bit closer.