Tuesday, June 10, 2008

over the rhine at diesel

on friday night shannon and i, who were visiting my family in the pittsburgh area, had the opportunity to get out one night on a date. woo-hoo! my sister and her husband had invited us to go see over the rhine with them on the south side, and, loving over the rhine as we do, we took advantage of the opportunity. mom and dad watched the boys, and we headed up to the southside for a night out. we enjoyed appetizers at some restaurant that had clearly once been a gas station. after this we went to the venue - called diesel - for the otr show. the venue was awful as it is clearly a dance club that they try to convert into a concert venue earlier in the evening. it didn't really work. so the venue was definately disappointing, but the music itself was still over the rhine, so basically awesome. after the show i jumped up on stage and grabbed the setlist, which you can see there to the right. they didn't do anything crazy here (although they really rocked out on BPD), but even while staying relatively safe in a less-than-ideal enviroment, they sounded great and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. after the show, they tore down in record time and got out of there quickly, and so i can only assume that it wasn't their favorite place to do a show, and that they wanted to get home. even so, it was great to see them and hear them play these tunes. on the 20-track cd soundtrack to my life, over the rhine has at least one song, maybe two or three!

maybe the best part of the night was that we got to visit not only with my sister and brother-in-law, but also some old friends (and bloggers) who were also at the show. it was good to see you, e and c.

even when the circumstances are less than ideal, an evening of good music with good friends, especially without the kids, is wonderful.

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