Friday, June 20, 2008


saw this movie last night.
it's like a postmodern musical,
an unusual love story,
laden with music.
the main characters don't even get names.
but it doesn't matter.
you feel their broken hearts,
and the tension they feel;
tension between the past and the present/future,
tension between commitment and communion,
between despair and hope.
what i love about this film,
besides the fact that one scene,
early in the movie,
is now one of my favorite scenes in cinema,
is that it doesn't do
what you would expect.
i could tell you more,
but that would spoil it, wouldn't it?
i can say this, though:
this film,
for me,
is about redemption
in ways we don't expect it.


Megan said...

Finally! I've wondered if you guys would ever watch it - I knew it was one you would both love. I love the music from the movie and how it's such a natural part of it (unlike other musicals where you just kind of don't care that they're singing and dancing in the middle of the streets/cafeteria/etc). I have a Glen Hansard station on Pandora so I can listen to him. Also - I watched the Oscars just to see them perform live and then hope and pray they would win - which they did and was the best part of the show.

Jill said...

This truly, is one one the greatest films I have ever seen... still can't believe how hard it is to convince people to watch this brilliant piece of art!

BTW - enjoy your blog very much... linked to you through Chad!

Pete S said...

Man! I've wanted to see this movie for a while. the main actor was in the Commitments, my favorite irish movie so far.

Looking forward to checking this one out!