Friday, June 06, 2008

nooooooooooo doubt about it

we had a great boys night out at pnc park last night. dad got tickets for him and i and seth (my brother-in-law) and jack. pnc is such a beautiful ballpark and we had a great time there. here is jack enjoying a hot dog the right way (after trying to eat it like corn on the cob).
paul maholm was the starting pitcher, and he didn't start off too well, giving up 3 runs over the first two innings.

here is jack and seth with a pirate mascot. our seats were in the front row of a section, so the mascots were regularly walking right in front of us, so jack had a great deal of interaction with this guy, the pirate parrot, and the pierogies.
jason michaels hit a big three run home run in the first inning and i happened to be taking a picture of him swinging on the very pitch he hit his homerun. i was pretty happy with this picture, and the resulting runs.
here is a picture in which you can see jack's pirates tattoo and the 'p' i painted on his face. we did all this hoping that the cute factor would get us a baseball from one of the players, but it didn't work out. oh well, he was still really cute, and really good, all things considered. for a guy with a 5 minute attention span, he sat through all 9 innings pretty well. (the two things of cotton candy didn't hurt.)

the game was tied 3-3 for awhile until the pirates pulled ahead 4-3, up until the 9th. in the 9th the relief pitcher made it interesting, hitting the leadoff man and giving up a fluke hit to put guys on 1st and 3rd with one out. i got nervous, and even more nervous as the final out was a long LONG fly ball all the way to the wall, but the buccos got it and won the game! it was a great game, followed by fireworks. we had a wonderful time with just the guys of the family. we ate well. the weather was perfect. the stadium is beautiful. the game was great, and there was noooooooooooo doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you boys had a great day at the ball park. What fun. Hope you have a great weekend also.

Mary said...

hey, its baseball! you gotta love it!