Friday, June 20, 2008

Falling Slowly - from the movie 'Once'

okay. so here's the scene i mentioned. it is 6 minutes long. and it probably won't make much sense outside of the context of the movie. but it doesn't really matter. to me, it is beautiful. it occurs quite early in the film, and it brought me to tears.

i don't know - maybe its just me or something, but this has (quite literally) overnight become one of my favorite scenes in a movie. i'm not even sure i can explain it. sometimes you just know you love something. it just rings true down in your gut, and makes you feel like you are finally home in a way in which you never even knew you were homeless. as i watch this scene, that is what happens. it makes me feel like i can fly, like i can sing myself a world of joy, like i can take my own sinking boat and point it home. it makes me feel like i can make it. sigh.

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Crafty P said...


oh my. I'm so glad you shared this.
I remember seeing them on something, maybe good morning america?
anyway, i meant to write the song down and look into it later and well, forgot.

i remember hearing it and thinking "oh this is so beautiful, this is why I love music so much". It brought out so many emotions in me and it made all the other sounds around me (and there were many at that time of day) just evaporate. I just lost myself in that moment. I love that feeling...

I don't think I realized it was a movie. must watch it!

thanks, friend.