Monday, June 23, 2008

cape may, day 1

hello friends. its monday morning here in cape may, new jersey. i woke up early before the kids and got out without waking them up (which is a major miracle, considering that all four of us are sleeping in the same room!), and rode my bike over to an internet cafe. i have no wireless access at the house, which means i won't be uploading any pics from our trip until after we return next week some time. however, i will try and stop in from time to time this week just to let you know how we are doing.

we got here yesterday around 4 and settled in. the house is awesome and it is seriously 1/2 block from the atlantic ocean. we took a little walk with the boys down to the water last night, and i haven't seen jack so excited since we were in times square. he was jumping and running and smiling the whole time. he's had a ton of expectations about seeing "the ocean and sharks and eels and octupusses," so i was concerned that he would be pretty disappointed. but so far, no such problem. he is giddy.

cade wasn't as excited. he just cried. i think it was too windy for him. after a while he seemed to get used to it, so we'll see how today goes.

everyone is here: my mom and dad, my sister mary, and my sister julie and her husband, seth. we are set for a great week here at the jersey shore.

other random moments:
-we sang "on the way to cape may" in the car ride here yesterday about 8 times. it is an awful song that i downloaded for free from some mp3 site. we had the whole car singing along, "on the way to cape may, i fell in love with you..."

-last night after games of scrabble and some game where you shoot little plastic monkeys into a tree, we began throwing these little rubber lobster and crocodile at each other, sort of like dodgeball in your living room. with your parents. with small rubber animals. okay, it just sounds weird when i write it, but i can assure you it was one of those random hilarious family moments...

-played a little frisbee golf in the street last night with aerobies. we hit: several cars, several expensive beach homes, an assortment of landscaping, and a tourist.

more updates to come...

grace and peace,

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