Thursday, May 15, 2008

throwback thursday: jeeters

above is a picture of me from the summer of 1996, i think. i worked at kennywood park in pittsburgh. in the late summer they have parades through the park every night with high school bands and floats and all the trappings of a parade, including random pink cuddly characters named jeeters, animated by awkward and very sweaty college students. this was my shot at parade fame. i actually loved doing this. other than the sweat.

here is an excerpt from my journal in may of 2001:

look all around you - the world is bursting and bubbling and baffling. and i'm still bumbling - missing most of it. every once in a awhile, though, i slip out of my sleepy slumber for long enough to catch a glimpse of the deeper richer realer. that happened this weekend in the city of brotherly love. sitting in the front row of some old '50's style theater on south street in philadelphia, i woke up as the sounds of somewhere-between-here-and-heaven cascacded down over me....over the rhine was fantastic. shannon and i sat there and simply soaked it all in, smiling...


jasonsmommy said...

I used to go to Kennywood!! I was in Slippery Rock until 1997! How funny would it be if we had crossed paths then?

cathyq said...

i don't even remember you doing this? Where was I? Why pink? Hey, did you hear that Kennywood was bought by a Spanish company? Weird.

Crafty P said...

oh jeeters! how special!
did you get to pose in pictures with small people (aka children)?

thanks for this journal entry, you just reminded me that they're coming to the 'burgh on june 6th, maybe?
I need to double check and get tickets!