Monday, May 12, 2008

our mother's day, 2008

we had a really nice mother's day here at the milinovich household, full of pancakes and phone calls and washing the cars (mommy LOVES clean cars). jack was really excited to give mommy the "stained glass" that he and daddy made for her (melted crayon shavings between waxed paper). we also got her one of those new hallmark cards where you can record your voice.

the end of the day, after dinner at chile's and some fun time at border's books, turned into superhero night, with our little batman and superman having an absolute blast. here are some of the many pictures we got of the super brothers.

i hope you had a happy mother's day, and that you are inspired to nurture the maternal in yourself. it is a great gift.

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Mary said...

that looks like "super" fun!!! you're family is the cutest. can't wait to see them in june :)