Thursday, May 29, 2008

ordination stream

i don't know how well it will work (i don't have a great deal of confidence in the technological savvy of our conference), but here is the link for the live stream of our annual conference. if you'd like to watch the ordination service, it is scheduled to begin at 7:30 on friday night.

fyi, we have just completed something at annual conference called the "clergy session," at which my ordination has been approved by the gathered clergy of the conference. now it is absolutely official. all the rest will be pomp and circumstance.

i am overjoyed!

grace and peace,


Greg C. said...


David said...

Congratulations, and all the best

cathyq said...

finally.We are so proud and happy.

Mary said...

"pomp," "pomp" it up....!!

translation (because this joke didnt work last week) pump, pump it up!

Redbank Billy said...

So it is written, so it is done!!!