Friday, May 23, 2008

new music: the myriad

so i've been holding onto an itunes gift card since christmas, just unsure about what to spend it on. but when i realized that the myriad's new album had just come out, i decided to go ahead and use it. and i am so glad i did. so glad.

if you are unfamiliar, the myriad is a band from seattle that released a pretty cool little album in 2005 called 'never trust a ladder.' ever since that album i have been looking forward to a follow-up. in the meantime, they were selected as one of 12 finalists out of a pool of 4000 bands for the dew breakout circuit. out of the group of 12 they were voted on by fans and ended up winning the competition this last december. with all of that buzz, they have really begun to generate a following and a great deal of expectations for this new record. they did not disappoint.

the new album is called "with arrows, with poise," and it is really good. just so all my kenny g loving readers out there don't go buy the album, let me be a bit more specific: it is atmospheric and melodic modern rock, a la 'in rainbows" radiohead. i find the music to be above average rock and roll, complete with soaring guitars, beautiful piano, very interesting rhythm work, and song structure that keeps you on your toes. one of the strengths, musically, has got to be the vocals which are clear and confident, like the band is really meaning to say the things they are singing.

and they are serious. that is one of my main first impressions of this album - this band is not messing around. it feels very serious from top to bottom. the lyrics, sober and serious, are not exactly straightforward, and certianly leave you with a great deal of room for interpretation. and this is another thing i love about the myriad: for a band that comes from the "christian" marketplace, they do a great job of not spoonfeeding bad theology in trite phrases. the lyrics point towards hope and truth, but leave room for exploration and discussion. the words seem to invite you into the song, to step inside and spend some time pondering what is being so passionately and seroiusly sung. while you are thinking, the song turns and twists and takes you somewhere you didn't expect, which only serves to beckon you further into the mystery of the song. in the end, you feel like you've been on a very serious journey, one of great import and intense beauty.

if you are like me, tired of most of the candy-sweet fluffy theology that gets passed off as Christian music, then you might like this. check it out on itunes.

grace and peace,


Crafty P said...

even if I end up not liking them (which probably wouldn't happen)- your review is beautiful.

you have such an amazing gift to write, greg

Greg C said...

I was just thinking this morning that I needed some fresh tunes, so thanks for this post. Looking forward to checking it out. I like nothing more than hearing something completely new.