Tuesday, May 06, 2008

how long?

beyond the point of numb.
deaf to continuous reports:
"4 killed today in suicide bombing..."
gouged for gas.
not as furious as frustrated,
just war-weary.
how long, o lord?
how long?


Mary said...

this reminds me of the that song.."how long, to sing this song..." do you know what im saying? is it kevin from dctalk? hmm...i just remember that one line :)

greg. said...

oh, my musically sheltered sister.
yes, the boys from dctalk did sing the song, but they are covering a song by another band: (as much as you hate to hear it) U2. sorry.

but even U2 didn't really come up with anything (there's nothing new under the sun says solomon). the song is "40" and is mostly quoted from psalm 40, except the chorus "how long to sing this song" which is a refrain found often in the psalms (check out psalm 6:3).

so there you go. today was my own little psalm of war-weariness.

and you are cute.

Greg C. said...

That's the song that came to my mind. No apologies - I love that (U2) song!

Redbank Billy said...

Exactly, How Long!!??????
Thanks for the B Day wishes Greg,
call you soon.

greg. said...

yes! it is an awesome song. the one time i saw U2 in concert (in philadelphia), they closed with this song. we must have sung that refrain a hundred times or more as each band member left the stage one at a time until only the drummer (larry mullen) was left, providing the beat to what seemed like congregational worship, thousands of us lifting our voice to the heavens, "how long? how long to sing this song?" even as people were exiting the arena and trekking to the parking lots to get back in their cars and return home, they were singing this song. it is one of the reasons i think U2 is awesome - providing a kind of church for people who would never - NEVER - go in a church building. pretty cool stuff.