Friday, May 30, 2008

the hands of ordination

i know you are probably sick of hearing about it, and i'm sorry about that, but today is the day:
i will be ordained today. as an elder. in the united methodist church. affirmed by my colleagues. called by God. committed to ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. blessed by so many who have helped me journey to this point. and as i build a little altar here today, a place to always remember this milestone moment, i cannot help but reflect on this: there are so many who are a part of this with me.
from my childhood on through my adolescence and into my young adult years, the names of those who have cheered me on and helped me learn and challenged me and inspired me and believed in me and prayed for me is legion. there are more than i could possibly dare to list here, and it would include my parents, my pastors, my mentors, my colleagues, and so many friends. when i walk up to the chancel tonight and kneel down; when i feel the warmth of the bishop's hands on my head and feel the support of family and friends standing for me; when i place my hands upon the bible and hear the words of ordination, i will be absolutely aware that it isn't just me alone, but all of you who been a part of my journey. in some way, you are participating; it is your hands, along with bishop devadhar's that touch me and pull me higher up and further in towards living a response to God's call for my life. you will be there with me. you will all be the hands of my ordination.
thank you.


Pastor Blue Jeans said...

We made it brother! It was a blessing going through this process with you. Tonight we found out it isn't about you or me it is about us....its about community.

My wife apologized for making you/me/us cry!

jasonsmommy said...

Congratulations again, Greg! I'm very proud of you!!

Dan said...

Congratulations Greg! Karen and I watched the whole ordination last night. we are very proud of you!