Thursday, May 08, 2008

throwback thursday: infielder

for this week's edition of throwback thursday, i thought i'd go back exactly 20 years, to the spring and summer of 1988 which found me playing baseball for the local little league in waynesburg, pennsylvania. here i am taking a little infield. i have always been best in the middle infield.

i feel like i say this far too much when i look at old pictures of myself, but, dang i was skinny. one of my legs right now weighs more than i did in this picture. what twenty years can do to a guy....

have a great thursday,


ps. you gotta love the pants pulled up to just below the knee with the full stirrup action. when we are all in heaven and if you are looking for me, this is probably how i'll be dressed (except it will be pinstripes), and you'll likely find me somewhere around second base hoping that a ball comes just out of my reach and i have to dive to stop it. i can't wait!

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Mary said...

thats a pretty sweet action miss jackson picture