Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day, 2008

a few posts ago, i asked for your contributions to a collaborative memorial day poem. thanks for your words! i said it was a little "blogxperiment," and as such i though it went well. here's what we wrote:

its one of those one-a-year mondays, and i'm trying to remember
the friend i lost in late november
and the families he and others have left behind
who have fought bravely for our freedom
it's the triangle flag that makes my mom cry
it is all the flags that fly so freely
the red, the white and the blue that stands out
from the cemetery gray of so many tombstones.
a reminder that freedom is not free.


Crafty P said...

a perfect poem to help us remember the real reason for today's holiday. nice job everyone.

Emoly said...

I think it was a neat blogxperiment! And it turned out pretty good!!!

cathyq said...

I agree. I think it is better than pretty good. Way to go blogger "poets"! (blogets?)