Thursday, April 17, 2008

throwback thursday: inadequate

so i'm starting a new feature here agent orange records: throwback thursday, in which i will post either an old picture of me or something i wrote a long time ago or both. it is a little trip down memory lane.

the above picture of me was taken by my dad in the first house i lived in, on woodland avenue in waynesburg, pa. i think i was 11 in this picture, but i might have been 10. that is morning sun warming the right side of my face.

and here's a little "poem" (i use the term very loosely) that i found that i wrote in april of 1995, 13 years ago.

i am the parasite
that i thought you couldn't stand
and would have left, had you the chance

i am the fool
that i thought embarassed you
when he did his foolish dance

i am the leech
that you felt attacked you
and drained your life at a steady pace

i am the monster
that i thought made you squirm
at the sight of his frightful face

i paint the pictures
that i thought you ripped up
without a care

i write the poems
that i thought you laughed at
when he tried to share

i am the prisoner
who thought he stood on trial
before an ashamed judge

i am the sun
that thought he couldn't shine
because the clouds never budge

i am the blanket
that i thought suffocated you
and filled you with pain

i am the lover
who thought his love was spited
and spent in vain

i am the no one
that you convinced is someone
with your lovely song

i am the loved one
who thought he was inadequate
but was wrong


Crafty P said...

that poem is sad.

you look so... ummmm, young in that picture. okay, i'm Joe King. I can't see anything but your right ear and a bit of your hair and cheek. ha!

I love theme days. love them. I've been toying with a similiar thematic idea.

greg. said...

if you think the poem is sad, maybe you didn't read it all the way through. funny though, you're the second person to tell me that...

Crafty P said...

okay, the last stanza is uplifting, but I'm going with the general tone of the poem --- sad.