Tuesday, April 29, 2008

some shawshank questions

in my monthly gathering reel life: discussions on film and faith which meets this coming friday, we'll be watching the shawshank redemption. in my mind, this is one of the best-told stories in modern cinema. it is masterfully done, in my opinion. and, i think, ripe for discussion among people of faith who will move past the R rating and the rough language.

as i prepare to facilitate a discussion on this film, i just wanted to hear from some of my readers about your overall impressions of this film.
1. have you seen it?
2. in general, did you like it or not?

and then, if you want to, tell me what you did/did not like about it.

thanks for your help,


pete s said...

1. Saw it.
2. Was very, very moved by it.

That said, I'm not sure i could watch it again--felt a lot of grief about Andy's situation in the prison.

(Looking forward to doing a pulpit swap with you someday, perhaps!)

Anonymous said...

greg, it's one of my favorites. hoping frank and i can come friday. i'll let you know by tomorrow. this movie kept me with a lump in my throat at the extreme brutality of andy's life in prison. very hard to watch how corruption, brutality, hatred, injustice and all that are so prevalent in prison and regular society. but andy never gives up, never loses hope and in the end is victorious although he's lost a huge chunk of his life. love red, too, who capitalizes but not in a corrupt or brutal way - love this movie hope to see you fri night. also interesting is how the warden offs himself rather than pay the penalty for his crimes. guess he knew what would be in store for him...

Crafty P said...

1. have seen it multiple times
2. love it

i recall a GCC discussion group headed by Andrew Coffin or wait, maybe Andy K---O (I can't remember his name or was it the guy with the beard? Anyway, I remember "discussing" it then and can't recall a bit about it now.

so glad I could enlighten you today