Thursday, April 10, 2008

oh say i can't wait!

so i was reading to jack last night in bed. we read a couple of books to him each night before bed time. its really cool because we've seen him take a very strong interest in books recently. many times he would rather look through his books on his own than play with toys. it is nothing for him to spend 30 minutes quietly "reading" his books. this makes me happy on a variety of levels, not the least of which is that he is being relatively quiet for 30 minutes rather than playing tarzan on his curtains or pushing his brother around the house.
anyway, last night i was reading him this little dr. seuss gem, which i love,
o say can you say. it is a book of really fun rhyming tongue twisters. its just fun with words, basically, and i love it. we had never read it before, and jack really seemed to enjoy it. i read the tongue twisters at normal speed and then i read them as fast as i can and it really made him laugh. one of the last pages looks like this:

on any normal night i would just read this page, jack and i would laugh and then we would turn to the next page (which, by the way, has to do with walruses. is that the plural of walrus? walruses? walri? hmm...). but not last night. last night greg's brain immediately left dr. seuss world for a few moments. where did it go? dunder mifflin world. that's right. i couldn't read about "dwight" without thinking about a certain

dwight schrute and the fact that the office is finally back. today! tonight my favorite show returns to television, and i am very excited about it. i can't wait for the nervous laughter. i can't wait to see how michael makes everything awkward. i can't wait to see jim and pam. i can't wait to see dwight's pathetic plays for power and office prestige. i can't wait to see the little knowing glances into the camera, or the secret looks shared by dwight and angela or jim and pam. i just can't wait to laugh.

but if your daddy's name starts with "G,"

and he likes to laugh at the TV,

the gift for G, quite obviously,

is the free glee and jolly 'tee-hee' that flow so naturally from a paper company comedy that makes him pee with risibility.


cathyq said...

I know, I can't wait to feel awkward and laugh that painful "I cannot believe he said (did) that" kind of laugh. I know we are laughing because there's a little bit of all of us in Dwight, or do I mean a little bit of Dwight in all of us? Either way, I love the show. Thursdays just aren't the same without it!

Mary said...

risiblity...i like that word.