Monday, April 21, 2008

now playing: perdido

here's a little something new i'll be doing from time to time:

i love music. i am listening to it almost constantly (more than i should probably). usually if i'm on the computer, i tunes is on shuffle in the background. it is like my own private radio station that has a playlist of over 7,500 songs, and i like them all. its awesome. so anyway, i thought from time to time i would just write a quick post to say what is playing on my ipod, just to give you a sense of the soundtrack of agentorangerecords. so, to inaugurate, this fun new feature, here we go...

now playing: "perdido"

artist: dave brubeck

about: this is a nearly eight minute long jazz piece that i got from a dave brubeck boxed set. i love jazz, but not all jazz, only certain kinds. the problem is, i don't know how to describe what i like. i just know it when i hear it. i know i love brubeck. so i have lots of his recordings. there's something ethereal about jazz for me that kind of takes me out of this world when i really listen and allow it.


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it is about time for this feature on your blog!

i enjoy good music recommedations from agentorangerecords