Friday, April 11, 2008


o wow was it ever gorgeous over here yesterday. thursdays are my day off so i spent almost the entire day outside, de-wintering the yard. i got rid of piles and piles of leaves that winter winds had deposited on our roof, in our bushes and in between every possible crevice. i did some spring cleaning in the garage, and just generally enjoyed the fresh air, blue skies and warm sun. it was good for me, body and soul.
we went out to dinner last night, so here i am with the boys before we left. notice the whole in my khakis? yeah, jack noticed, too. he told me that my pants were broken. i told they are ripped. he said i need to needle them. he recommended a good needler, too: nena (that's shannon's mom).

here is another picture of the little stinker. see him? there he is in the back - behind all the books. all the books that he removed from his shelves when he was supposed to be sleeping. he created a "big mountain" of books and puzzles. we've been having some issues again with him taking a nap in the afternoon and are wondering if the nap is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
but overall, we had a great day yesterday. beautiful weather. the yankees won (finally). and a new episode of the office ("i would rather throw up than pop one of your beets in my mouth.). it was a good, good day.


Crafty P said...

I have a picture of the exact same event happening at our house... once.

hmmm, jack is three, right? right about the age of "nap challenging". Max is doing that these days as well. little stinker.

here's my pep talk to shannon (and you for days when you're there for naps)- keep at 'em. Naps are God's gift to mothers (and fathers) and without them, we go insane.

And when he graduates from naps... he'll move into "resting time" or "quiet time" or "mommy's time to herself time". one of those.

i love naps and depend on them happening daily. can you tell?

cathyq said...

love the picture of "all" the boys, even the one with the broken pants.

I agree. Naps are absolutely necessary. I recommend them daily for all, especially active little boys.

If you have any extra time, come on over and "de-winter" our yard; it's a mess. Love spring; hate the yard work.

by the way, i love mounains of books. My heaven has many of those there.