Thursday, April 03, 2008

life everywhere

there is new life all around, it seems, as the calendar keeps urging us forward. yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in new jersey, so i took the new camera out into the yard and got some shots of the redbud tree that is just now starting to live up to its name. as you can see, the fiery little berries of bloom are arching their colorful backs against the blue blackdrop, just happy to be alive, it seems.
these rattling sticks have been beating out their sorrowful rhythm all winter, like old dead bones, but here they are bleeding life again, bursting with scarlet naked hope. there is resurrection! there is life!
just yesterday my brother and sister-in-law (shannon's sister) had their third baby, a healthy baby boy named eli jacob. what a perfect time for a newborn, you know? with a whole creation of newborns to journey with - life is bursting at the seams.

the life in my house is always bursting. the other day i walked into cade's room to find both jack and cade in cade's crib. jack told me was just cuddling with cade a little bit.
happy to be alive,

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Mary said...

cute pic :) is cade feeling oh so happy these days?