Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the holiness of baseball

if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that one of my passions is sports, particularly baseball and football. now football, for me, is a physical endeavor. it is body against body, in violent athletic beauty. there is grace in football, to be sure, but in my mind, football is a wintry, bone-crushing, testosterone-fueled, sport of physicality. it is all blood and mud and sweat.

baseball, though, is the spirituality to football's physicality. that way i see it, baseball is as much spirit as body. it is played in the summer, during warm nights when the whole world seems wide awake. it is less about quickly crushing the other team and more about slowly journeying toward victory (even in the fact that it has 162 regular season games compared to football's 16). the spiritual aspects of baseball are hinted at even in our media, where we have made movies like "angels in the outfield," and talk about things like "mystique" that help teams win.

you may not agree with this, but you should know that this is how i approach it. i come to the baseball season with a certain kind of awe, a holy reverance for something which always seems to make me a child again, something which simplifies life for a few hours, something which strengthens my spirit. i love baseball. and it is here.

so, get used to it. i will be writing about it from time to time. i am a fan of the yankees and the pirates, so i will have things to say about them (like how the pirates won their opener last night in an absolulely incredible way over the atlanta braves). but i may also just want to stop and take a breath and reflect on how awesome baseball is. if you are not a baseball fan, i am not trying to convert you. but if you are, come on in, you have found a sanctuary.

play ball!


Crafty P said...

you can start praying for my conversion. I have a difficult time with baseball.


s e e m s

s o oooo oooo

S l o w

& my husband will never let me forget the time we went to a game and I painted my nails. In my defense, it was the longest stretch of time I had to not get those sheet wrinkles on my nails and I knew they'd have PLENTY of time to air dry!!!

Mary said...

christina's message is soo funny :) i wish i could have witnessed the painting of the nails :) it's not a bad idea between bites of nachos, cotton candy and ice cream cones as big as your face :)

Anonymous said...

My Tribe looks good - hey i know it was only the chisox, but i'll take it. i love baseball because it holds me over until my buckeyes take the field in august. also there's nothing like going to a ball game with your dad (one of so many fond memories i have)in the middle of summer. go tribe!!! thanks for the great blog!

Emoly said...

Anytime any team beats the Braves it's a great game. But go Pirates (and Cubs -finally I'm back in Cubbie country, where die-hard fans still cheer them on full of hope, only to be disappointed yet again....)!!!

I was going to take my niece to a baseball game next week, but it's still so freaking cold here, we're going to a hockey game instead. Hey, that's what Michigan is all about!