Sunday, April 27, 2008

happy first birthday

we had a wonderful weekend here at the milinovich homestead - a first year celebration complete with family and friends and cake and ice cream and singing and laughing and music and decoration. there was joy all around, even, i dare say, for the newest member of the one-year-old club. he seemed to have a blast this weekend. here are a few pictures...

we had a farm theme for the party, so shannon made a modern impressionistic 'cow' cake, using fondant for the outside. she had to mix a lot of food coloring to get the desired color, and she ended up with red-stained hands.

here is the food table for the party. my extremely creative wife takes great pride in designing things like this, and she always does a tremendous job, so i thought i would show you how great it looked. (oh - and believe me - the pulled pork/fried chicken/cole slaw/baked beans were awesome!)

here's the birthday boy with his hat, as we sing happy birthday to him. like i said, he really seemed to enjoy the whole thing. he didn't seem to have any problems with all the attention.

here's another picture of the cake.

we gave cade a chocolate cupcake (with a peep on top), and he housed that sucker. we have about 30 pictures of the transformation from normal one-year old to a weapon of chocolate destruction. he clearly loved it.

he also got to open many presents, and he enjoyed crawling around on the boxes and looking at everything. i love the look on his face in this picture.

of all the things to get a kid for his first birthday, shannon and i got him this black leather chair. strange, i know, but the kid just loves chairs. he loves them. he loves to go and sit on them and he just smiles contentedly. so we got him this chair, which is a little too big for him, but he'll have time to grow into it. when we uncovered it, he was filled with joy. he just kept crawling up on it and then back down. every time he would get up on the chair he would laugh and flail his arms about in joy.

and so it was a wonderful celebration. one that he won't remember, but one that will be a part of his journey through many more milestones. the fact that he has a loving and supportive family and community is cause for the greatest celebration.



Mary said...

oh my gosh i love that chair! then again i think anything in miniature form is adoreable! shannon did a great job on that cake too...ace of cakes would be proud!

Megan said...

Shannon great job on the cake and decorations!

jasonsmommy said...

O my gosh, Shannon is just way too creative!! What a fantastic day! Happy birthday little man!