Monday, April 21, 2008


well, we're 20 games into the baseball season for the yankees, and it seems as good a time to reflect on things so far as any. here are my thoughts so far:

-dang, i love baseball.

-i'm nervous. i'm not freaking out because there is a ton of season to go, but when your pitching is just okay you are going to need incredible offense to have a chance. and while the yankees have incredible offensive players, they have not, by any stretch of the imagination, had an incredible offense over these first 3 weeks. more inept than incredible.

-the american league east looks so good that i don't know if a wild card can come out of there because the red sox and yankees and orioles and blue jays and even the improved rays are going to beat up on each other. someone will win the division, but the wild card will probably come from the central or west. so i think the yankees have to win the division to make the postseason. can they do this? not playing like this.

-and i'm most scared about the pitching. mussina looks too old and washed up. every once in a while he can through a nasty curve, but if he can't get that over for a strike consistently, he's got very little else that doesn't look like batting practice to professional hitters. and i never, EVER want to see him pitching to manny in a big spot again.

-i hope a-rod is ok.

-while mussina looks old, hughes and kennedy look too young. hughes looks absolutely lost. hopefully its mechanics or something that they can fix, but i am worried about him. kennedy has shown some promise, so hopefully he'll pull it together.

-will posada ever play catcher again? i mean, if this third string guy gets hurt, what's next? i'm trying to buy some used catching gear on ebay because i might be next.

-wang has been a relief for us and pettitte has surprised me. he was awesome yesterday. the bullpen has been good, but latroy hawkins scares the spalding out of me.

-i want to know brian bruney's diet program.

-i think girardi, overall, is doing a good job. but he's going to need to do better than .500 baseball if he likes his job.

-dang, i love baseball.

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