Tuesday, March 18, 2008

irish brownies

we had a great day yesterday. shannon made an incredible corned beef and cabbage dinner and then we had these green mint brownies for desert that she and jack made together (i feel like crafty p talking about all this food).

sunday night i watched m. night shyamalan's "lady in the water." i thought it was just ok. it had his signature "scary" moments, which are just usually surprises that make you jump that then make you a bit anxious about the possibility of another surprise. the story seemed kind of weak, but i did like the theme about figuring out your purpose, and how even the most mundane of our gifts are important in who we are and how we fit into the others' stories. for example, maybe you're an orange-wearing, coffee-drinking, music-loving, blogging, preaching, pastoring, husband and father, and maybe, just maybe, all of those things will somehow all work together to make you who you need to be in relation to others. maybe your personality and your experiences, with all of your quirks and idiosyncrasies will be just what the world needs. who knows?
march madness starts this week, and usually i get mildly into it. but this year i haven't even seen a bracket yet. its just that, as a pastor, i have my own march madness this week.

i hope you are having an awesome and blessed holy week, not just coasting through but taking some time to walk the 'downward journey' with Jesus this week.

grace and peace,


Crafty P said...

mmmm, irish brownies! yummy.

you don't talk about food nearly enough, my friend!

greg. said...

clearly i don't talk about food enough when i don't even know how to spell dessert.