Sunday, March 23, 2008

our easter day

cuteness before church

if you look closely they have dinosaurs on their neckties

after church

mommy and daddy

the easter bunny came! (while we were at church)

we had an easter egg hunt. some of the eggs were dino heads. this delighted jack.

he had so much fun during the easter egg hunt. just look at this face.

one hot momma

the traditional butter lamb. (it should be added here that shannon made the most delicious easter dinner for all of us).
certainly part of the joy of easter for us today was our family. after church, before we looked for our baskets, i asked jack why we celebrate easter. much to my surprise it was nothing about the easter bunny or chocolate dinosaurs or anything of the like that came out of his mouth. what he said was this: Jesus is alive.
amen, little boy. jesus is alive. and so we can be, too.
grace and peace,


Mary said...

sooo cute! what a precious family. and i agree about shannon...she looks beautiful! i like the definite green theme...all the way to your tie! i would have fit in perfectly with my green dress :)

cathyq said...

What a beautiful day and a beautiful family. I love the smiles.

M. said...

I found this quote and thought of you.

There is something wonderful about a beaten-up heavily marked, tattered Bible. Madeleine Delbrel, the French Catholic activist who lived a little more than a generation ago, stuffed her Bible with snapshots, clippings, ticket stubs, postcards and other detritus to remind her that she was praying in the world of people and events. She called these scraps "icons of humanity" that prompted one to celebrate the "liturgy of life."

-- Lawrence S. Cunningham in America, "Praying the Psalms." Christianity Today, Vol. 41, no. 12

He Is Risen!


jasonsmommy said...

Beautiful lil family there!! And I can just say I'm a bit jealous of how awesome Shannon looks after 2 kids ;)

Happy Easter my friends.

Crafty P said...

great pics!

love the outfits! they matched our kiddos, too! love CP

The EB came while we were at church as well! I'll eventually get some pics up....