Monday, March 17, 2008

a new camera

i haven't had any pictures of my family here on the blog in quite some time. unfortunatly our digital camera bit the dust, and so we have not been able to take any photos. but we got a new camera this week so the addiction can once again be fed. here are a few pictures of the boys in their palm sunday outfits that my mom got them...

they were both being extremely cooperative with the camera. i think this is because we haven't been taking pictures of them for awhile. they will probably soon remember their general rule of thumb: when the camera appears, lose your smile as quickly as possible.

so i hope you have an awesome st. patrick's day. and a really blessed holy week.
shooting again,


Mary said...

yay! so cute!!!! hey....i've missed you!

Emoly said...

this makes me want to come and visit even more. I have to meet Cade before he graduates from high school.... don't worry, I'll call before I show up on your doorstep! But I'm hoping that it's sooner, rather then later. :)

cathyq said...

These are the cutest boys EVER (well except for one other whose name I will not utter, GREG). I love their smiles and I want to squeeze them. Can't wait to see the Easter pictures.

Crafty P said...

awww, so sweet. Cade is looking so GROWN UP! I can't decide who I see more, in him, I'm thinking Shannon though. Jackson is totally a little Greg. I love that shot of him leaning! so Sr. Picture pose or maybe modeling!

what kind of camera? we're in the market for a new one. Ours is so ghetto with the rubberband keeping the battery in and all.