Thursday, March 20, 2008

my child's ears

this is one of cade's ears. they've both been the cause of much consternation over the last several months, since they keep getting infected inside and causing him all sorts of pain. we met with a specialist yesterday who really urged us to go ahead and have tubes put into his ears as soon as possible because he really feels that the poor kid is pretty miserable. he also can't hear as well as he should because he failed his hearing test yesterday. considering all these factors shannon and i agreed that we would go ahead with the "routine" surgery. it is scheduled for tuesday morning.

first of all, i've heard about routine surgery before. sure, its routine. that means the chances of complications are slim. try telling that to those in that 1%. not so routine for them.

next, i can say that i've ministered to many people who are about to face surgery. i've said all kinds of wonderful peaceful words about God's presence and peace that passes understanding and so on. still, as i sit on this side of the knife, so to speak, it is altogether different. and i'm not even the one having surgery.

no, not me, but my little 11-month old child. maybe that makes it worse. if it were me, that would be one thing, but this is a little tiny child. who is going to have his ear drums cut with a knife and little tubes put inside. he is going to be under anesthesia.

so please pray for cade. but also please pray for his father, who is much more concerned about this than cade seems to be. i think cade is just looking forward to his ears not hurting so bad.

totally and completely a parent,



Pete S said...

TRUST ME: Things will be SOOOOO much better.

Prayers for you anyway--definitely have been there.

cathyq said...

You know we'll be praying. We just want him to feel well and be happy! Tell him that Meemaw and Pappy love him and are praying for him!

Eric said...

Greg- in America I get internet all the time! Hooray!

I loved reading this post because it seemed so real. It is so helpful and encouraging to me to read that even pastors (haha) have worries and concerns about things happening in life. I think the words of encouragement you speak are completely true and influencial... but it is also great to hear that we're all humans and so we worry and fear and feel those emotions as well.

Many prayers for you, Cade, and your family.


Crafty P said...

poor little Caedmon. I will pray for a successful surgery Tuesday.
Sorry for interrupting Bible study the other night....I'm just a spontaneous texter sometimes!

Emoly said...


I hope you get this soon.... I have heard something that might save Cade's ears.... Another mother told me that she read an article about babies who need tubes put in their ears and before doing that, go to the Chiropractor! I have no idea what source she read this in, and she said that she knew of a mother who was going to have to take her baby to have the tubes put in, and she told this to that mother and the baby didn't have the tubes put in! I suggest some research (which Shannon is diligent about...). But seriously, what can it hurt? I'm not one for Chiropractor's, but if it means keeping your baby from having surgery, why not try it???