Tuesday, March 04, 2008


shannon got me a little treat - a guilty pleasure - for my burthday: a cadbury dairy milk bar. so, after finishing off the last creamy morsels of it last night i determined that i absolutely needed to proclaim it on my blog as some of the best chocolate in the world.
some facts:
--debuted in 1905.
--the american version is made in usa by hershey.
--recent ads feature man in gorilla suit playing drums to phil collins song (always funny)
--made 'by appointment to h.m. the queen.'
--when i was in ireland, i ate this everyday.
--is so creamy and delicious that it is absolutely awful for you.
--is the perfect chocolate color.
so, is anyone else out there a lover of cadbury dairy milk chocolate? NOT THE EGGS! i hate those things. just the creamy rich delicious delightful brilliant and oh-so-british feeling dairy milk chocolate. if not, what kind of store-brand chocolate do you like? and if we are going to expand that to include small, localized chocolate makers, then i have to give my vote to sarris' chocolate, out of canonsburg, pa.
well, i hope i didn't tempt those of you who might have given up rich cocoa-y goodness for lent. if so, you now really have something to look forward to.


Erin said...

being married to a polish man with a chocolate snobbery, i have to buy european dark chocolate. with like 80% cocoa or something crazy like that. i've actually grown to like it and haven't had the milky stuff in a long time. maybe i'll pick one up during all these Easter sales!

Crafty P said...

my friend from New Zealand turned me onto Cadbury chocolate a few years ago and I haven't gone back since. I simply cannnot even bite into a Hershey bar... soooooo not creamy and delicous.
I love Cadbury almond and Fruit and Nut as well!
I'm also a big fan of dark chocolate and bittersweet.

ummmm, who's a chocoholic here? MEMEMEMEME!!!!

Welcome to the Cadbury club! (second of course to Sarris... and Betsy Ann-who makes chocolate covered Brazil nuts, my favorite!)

Crafty P said...

ps. you just have to know that I love ANYTHING British! haven't we had this discussion? wallace & grommit, fireman sam, simon cowell, cadbury dairy bars, the Spice Girls, the queen.... the new bachelor (he's British!)


greg. said...

christina, that's brilliant.

greg. said...

i hate fruit and chocolate together. except for raisins. but after that, i want my healthy food and my unhealthy food in completely separate rooms.

Mary said...

i have to support sarris 100% (though i admit i have never had the cadbury brand). i love sarris big eggs, solid chocolate, peanut butter meltaways. basically any of it unless there is nasty maple flavoring inside! and how about the hardshell you can get on top of the icecream at their parlor. sooo good. i also have had Milka which John sent to me from Germany but i found it at my international grocery store. also very creamy. europeans in general know whats up.

cathyq said...

Okay.I am not eating chocolate at all right now, so this blog is just cruel; however, I too would cast my vote for Sarris, especialy thier peanut butter logs and toffee. As for regular grocery store chocolate, I would have to put my tastebuds in the Dove category. I love their milk chocoate and their dark. Umm. Delicious, and the sayings inside the wrappers are fun to read as well. Also, my weakness for candy bars is Snickers. Just saying the name makes my mouth water. Darn you!

Megan said...

Does Cadbury make the "robin's eggs" candy - because if so then I really like them. Never had Sarris that everyone has mentioned. As for peanut butter meltaways nothing can beat good old Gardner's! In recent years I've become more of a fan of dark chocolate. I basically can't say no to chocolate - why would you??

greg. said...

for those who are wondering, sarris' is a western pennsylvania thing, so that's why many of my readers love it. (note - megan, sarris candy bought gardner's candy a few years ago and they use the same recipe for chocolate).

i have to give a shout out to juli d. for giving me a lindt chocolate to try. and i must say, i loved it, but it made me feel belgian which just isn't the same as feeling british. i don't know if anyone but christina can relate...

and, yes, cadbury makes the robin eggs, the candy-shell-coated chocolate eggs of goodness.

and to those of you who gave up chocolate for one reason or another i am truly very sorry, but you should seriously think twice about making that commitment again.