Saturday, March 01, 2008

in like a lion

happy march! since tomorrow is my birthday, i thought i would just post this old school picture of me today. it was taken in my high school cafeteria by daniel beaty when i was 15. you've gotta' love the glasses.


Crafty P said...

Happy Birthday (a day early)!

Cool pic.

Have something for you, but I'm a week behind in my life, so.... let's see if it gets out to you this week! ha!

Redbank Billy said...

Hey, Happy Birthday, OLD MAN!!!!
but really, have a great day.

Pete S said...

Oh, that cracks me up. I found a pic today, actually, from just after we graduated from high school--might have even been that day. It was taken just before we parted ways and parted Wilmore--I think we were at a party at Nina Pneuman's or something. We both look really, really hungry (as compared with our post-seminary physiques...) I'll scan it sometime later this week and send it via facebook.

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Happy birthday Buddy