Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hospitals and hearing better

it is pitiful how a hospital bracelet looks on such a tiny arm. it is exactly this kind of image that had me really sweating about the decision to have caedmon go through the surgery to get tubes in his ears. this kind of an image just immediately puts in my mind thoughts of knives and scalpels and drugs and large machines that beep and measure things you can't pronounce and gowns that inevitably reveal your butt crack and so forth. i'm not a big fan of hospitals and imagining my little helpless one there with something sharp being shoved into his ear just didn't work for me.

but it happened. and he's fine. in fact, i would say he already seems to feel better. he can obviously hear better. the doctor said there was quite a bit of fluid and "gunk" behind his ear drums and so his hearing is immediately improved. he hasn't seemed to be in much pain at all, and he has really been content and happy. he did wake up in the night last night which he hasn't been doing, but it was probably because the tylenol wore off. so, the ordeal of the surgery is over (for now) and i just hope that it helps the chronic ear infection problem so he won't be in so much pain all the time, and so he can hear us when we make ridiculous baby noises at him.

as you can see, he still looked a little out of it yesterday. he'll be back in the full swing of things in no time. thank you all for your prayers and concern. we are blessed to have such a loving and widespread community. and we are blessed to be a blessing.
grace and peace,


Emoly said...

Thank you for the update! God is great!

Megan said...

When you see him feeling so much better you know it was worth it and you definitely made the right decision. Glad to hear he's doing well - I was thinking of you guys yesterday. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Cindy M. said...

been anxiously awaiting the news on Cade's outcome... so glad the ordeal of surgery is over for you all, now continued prayers for little Cades' ears to heal! Thanks for the update Greg!

Dan said...

Glad to hear that Cade and his Dad are doing fine. I can only imagine what you both went through. You will continue to be in our prayers for a quick recovery.