Friday, March 14, 2008

the cost of moving around

our van is in the shop today for "routine maintenance." between that and the price of gasoline these days, i'm pretty sure i'm going to stop driving. i bought a bicycle last year to ride to work when it is nice outside, so i am eagerly awaiting spring so that i can do that. but there are times i just have to drive. i mean, i can't ride my bike the 10 miles down to the hospital for visits. can you imagine me, stumbling into the room of someone who has just come out of surgery? i'm sweating and panting, still wearing my helmet. i just don't think that would work.

so i'm going to have to drive. but i really need to drive only when absolutely necessary. i guess that's what we should have probably all been doing all along.

it is fascinating to me that in a culture of commerce, we literally have buried ourselves into a situation where it costs us to move around. i think we will eventually be 'buying' the very air we breath.



Mary said...

i couldn't agree with you more. its ridiculus! i find myself turning into a green hippie because im fed up and very much concerned. its to the point that i even cringe when i see a plastic bag. and as far as gas and cars...well i think its good to walk places not only to save money on gasoline but also just for the air around us. im considering walking the 50 minute walk to school when the weather ripens up a bit. im telling appengages are starting to turn green...and its spreading!

cathyq said...

at some western airports I have visited, there are air kiosks there where you can breath air (for a price, of course) that has been purified and mixed with aroma or such snake oil that will bring healing to body, soul and spirit. only in america.