Sunday, March 30, 2008

amazing skills

shiver me timbers. this is a chattering teeth skull head that my son got in his mcdonald's happy meal last night. and, as with all mcdonald's happy meal toys, the craftmanship is remarkable. remarkably awful. and so it broke. last night. approximately 2 hours after he ripped it from its plasticy womb.

when it broke his mom offered to fix it. he told her no, and brought it to me instead. this is interesting given that i try not to introduce any kind of gender roles that would make him think this way, particularly since i have trouble fixing anything. still, he brought it to me, so i fixed it. he seemed really amazed (my daddy can do anything) so i told him to go tell his mom that i have amazing skills. he did. ha ha. it was funny.

the saga continues. this morning at church he broke it again (why you would bring a chattering teeth skull to church is something i hadn't yet considered). his mom offered to fix it but he told her (and i quote), "no, daddy has amazing skills."

and so he proceeded to fix it himself (this is how amazing my skills are - a three year old could do it. this is a game show i would fail miserably on: are you more dexterous than a three-year old?). and then after he fixed it, he purposely broke it so that "daddy can fix it."

i did fix it, and we not only exchanged high fives, but also fist pounds to celebrate daddy's amazing skills.

its enough to make your teeth chatter.



Amanda W. said...

Ha ha. McDonald's toys kinda make me feel dirty, you know? Good to know that they're fixable by the target audience. We got not the skull but the actual pirate bandanna in our most recent trip to "Happy Donald's." Selah opened it up, looked at it with disdain, said, "This is for boys," and threw it on the floor.

greg. said...

amanda, i totally agree that mcdonald's toys "make me feel dirty." it seems like a necessary evil in our life. blah.