Monday, February 04, 2008

superbowl recap

so it was a truly super super bowl last night. it was a close game with late dramatics, a well-played game, and, most importantly, a patriots loss. it was awesome. it was also very telling to see how poorly bill belichick handled losing. he is a poor sport as well as, it seems, a cheater.

still, as excited as i was to see the patriots lose the game and their chance for 19-0, it was still bittersweet. so, after the game was over i pulled out my oft-spun dvd of the steelers road to superbowl XL, and i watched that before i turned out the lights and went to sleep. and so, at least for a few hours, in my dreams, the steelers were champs again.

and now we enter the sporting wasteland until spring training....



mego said...

I'm not sure if your link is to the interview he did outside the locker room right after the game, but I watched that the whole time just saying he's such a jerk. Basically one of the main reasons I dislike the Pats.
I really didn't think I would care that much, but pretty early on I found myself rooting for the Giants. I did think that the Pats would pull it off, just b/c they always do. Or did. Good game, good outcome!

Redbank Billy said...

Thank You Giants!!!! greg you know what team I follow and I was glad to see the patriots go down in flames!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saved my teams record of an undefeated season! great game too, always disliked the patriots, was my fathers favorite team so we always had great sundays watching our teams play each other@!
Next year maybe one of our teams will be in it!

Drew Sorensen said...

that was a good superbowl and think how much better it could have been if it was the steelers who unseated the pats.... oh well.... i hope your feeling well greg hope to see you soon alltho i dont think i will be hahaha