Friday, February 15, 2008

sticky tack

so this is a wad of sticky tack that one can use to hang things on the wall. i know i certainly used my fair share of this strange substance in college. anyway, we have some sitting in the bottom of a drawer in our computer room/shannon's office and jack likes to digging in that drawer to see what he can find. the other day he found this little treasure complete with pencil holes and other random lines. but for him, it was not so random. he told us he sees the face of baby Jesus in it. when questioned about it, he emphatically insists that it is "RIGHT THERE!" i'm thinking about selling it on ebay.

what do you see in it?

in other news, we had a wonderful valentine's day yesterday full of celebration, not only of love but also of ordination news. it was a day of heart-shaped pancakes and candy hearts and a nice crackling fire in the fireplace and salmon for dinner followed by homemade raspberry pie. it was a kind of family valentine's day, but certainly a day for all of us here at our house to celebrate and cherish the love we have for each other. we ought to do that more often. hope you had a great day, and are having a good friday.



julie said...

i had trouble seeing anything in this particular sticky situation... the holes make it difficult for me. if the holes were not there, i can see baby Jesus, in swaddling clothes. if i say it looks like baby Jesus in swaddling clothes, however, it seems as though i would like to poke that baby with a sharp sword or stick of some kind. SO that is my artistic or non artistic viewpoint. Oh, to have the imagination of a 3-year old again.

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