Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day

yesterday jack pulled a book off of cade's shelf, and this fell out of it. its an old valentine that someone named travis gave to shannon years ago. it is so bizarre that they day jack chose to pull that particular book off the shelf and that fate allowed this little card to fall out was february 13, of all the days of the year. weird.
even more weird is that it still possessed its full scratch-n-sniff wonder. yum.
so anyway, happy st. valentine's day to everyone. know you are loved. and that you are too cool.
and travis? forget about it.


cathyq said...

Greg, love the old valentine. It reminds me of all the older type valentines that I used to get way back in the stone ages in my homemade valentine mailbox (a decorated shoebox) in my classroom each year. I have always loved the whole idea of celebrating love! How great is that! My favorite was from my 6th grade Valentine who gave me a card with a bee on the front that said, "With your ZZZZZZZZZZZ and my BuZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, we could make some great honey together." Now that's a Valentine. I still have it in my memory box. It's a little bit yellowed and faded, but it still brings a smile to my face when I think about it. I got another card today from that same valentine. It has a picture of a little boy and girl sharing a ride on a tricycle and the caption says, "together, we're unstoppable." He's a keeper! I hope your readers have as many happy Valentine's memories as I do.

Have a great Valentine's Day. I send my love to you, Shannon, and my precious boys. You are all in my heart.

Crafty P said...

wow- that is such a cool valentine. i can almost smell it through the computer.

what's better though is the fun story from mom milinovich. i don't have many val's day cards saved... wish I had done that when i was teaching.

happy day of love! i had a funny joke on my blog. I also accept comments...