Friday, February 29, 2008

happy seventh birthday (again)

wednesday was max's birthday. he turned 7. even though i thought he turned 7 last year, i looked it up and he did not. so he is not as old as he thought he was. he is still only 49 in dog years. won't be 50 til april (thanks again, emily).

so, happy seventh birthday to my beloved bulldog, faithful companion, hasty eater, professional sleeper, veteran of surgeries, foe of vacuums, proficient drooler, and rightful member of our family: we love you.



~c. said...

My cats hate the vvaaccuumm.

Crafty P said...

awwwww, happy birthday max the dog!

Redbank Billy said...

Happy B-Day Max!!!
Puddles,Scooter and Bailey