Thursday, February 28, 2008

give away some rice

you should check out this really cool site here where you can play a fun vocabulary game and donate rice to hungry people at the same time. is a pretty cool set up where you play a multiple choice english vocabulary game and for every word you get right you donate 20 grains of rice. the money for the rice is provided by the advertisors on the page. the site is run through its sister site, and the united nations. it says it is not making a profit but set up specifically to help fight hunger globally and to improve english vocabulary skills along the way. interesting. give it a try. but a warning: its addictive.

grace and peace,



julie said...

you're right about the addiction thing. i just sat here for 15 minutes and didn't even realize what was happening around me. must get more rice...must see more vocabulary...what is the root word of frijole... thanks - it was fun and educatative...that has to be a word.

Anonymous said...

Wow - here's a word for you:


It apparently means the sixty-fourth note. I took a guess and got it right. Go me!!!