Friday, February 22, 2008

(finally) fun in the snow

as promised, here are the pictures of our fun in the frozen water. jack spent most of the time this year eating as much of it as he possibly could. cade just sat there, as if frozen. no expression. we had a great time, and now we are drying off and warming up. have a great day everyone.



Anonymous said...

looks like u may have had more fun in the snow than the little ones did!

erik l.

greg. said...

you know it. let's just say jack was having more fun on his slide while i took several trips down the hill on the sled - all in the name of "playing with the kids." that's how i roll.

Crafty P said...

awww, great pictures. Cade is soo stinkin' cute! I love those chunky cheekers!

I have never taken the twins out in the snow. bad mama