Thursday, February 21, 2008

everyday sex

a friend of mine sent this link to me earlier this week. please watch the video here. (its only 1:41)
a few thoughts:
a church has a great deal of money to be putting up billboards that big.
if i started this campaign, i wonder how long until i was reappointed...or transferred to another conference?
i wonder what your reactions are to this: does it promote healthy intimacy within marriage and abstinence without, or does it presuppose or reinforce some unhealthy attitudes about sex and its purpose within marriage? just curious what people think.
reconsidering my 'spiritual' disciplines for lent,


Crafty P said...

1. I appreciate that you put how long the video clip was. very nice. it made me click on it.

2. This would obviously mean that the majority of Relevant Church's members are contracepting.

3. This would not work for a couple, like my husband and I, who practice natural child spacing. Especially when they have 11 month old twins.

4. I think married people should 'get together' more often.

5. why did no one else comment?

greg. said...

you make some excellent points.

1. thanks. i thought it would encourage people to actually watch it. glad it worked.

2. i would think most of them are protestants who would not be able to conceive (pun intented) of not using contraception.

3. yes. i agree. do not try this at home. you would soon have a costain congregation living in your home.

4. i think that is the general spirit of the thing, although i'm not sure i'm comfortable with the way it is being presented here.

5. i don't know. people don't want to talk about sex? what's wrong with you people? thanks, christina!